Wiltshire Council’s new Wiltshire Connect on-demand bus service

Introduction of the third on-demand bus and extension of the operating area to the east of Marlborough and Hungerford which includes Froxfield, Chilton Foliat, Ham, Shalbourne and Hungerford.

The new services to launch on Monday 30 October are an on-demand service that
includes Marlborough and Hungerford; plus a new direct 100 bus service between
Marlborough and Devizes. The 100 is a semi-flexible service that sticks to a planned
route and timetable but can deviate from that route when there is customer demand
to do so; there will be four journeys in each direction from Monday to Friday. New
timetabled service 110/120 and the Wiltshire Connect on-demand service will also
replace the existing 20/22 service from Marlborough to Great Bedwyn and

Further details and timetables, please view links below:
Wiltshire Connect_101 Timetable Flyer UPDATED OCT 2023 Digital Wiltshire Connect_100 Timetable Flyer OCT 2023 Digital Wiltshire Connect buses celebrate success as new services prepare to launch Wiltshire Connect_210 and 211 Timetable Flyer_Digital Wiltshire Connect_110 Timetable Flyer OCT 2023_Digital