Inviting participation in Green Open Homes event 14/15 October

Dear Sir or Madam. I am writing on behalf of Great Green Bedwyn (the climate action group for Great Bedwyn) to ask if any of your parish homeowners have a “Green” home they might be willing to show to booked visitors during the weekend of 14/15 October.

The aims of our Green Open Homes event are to:

  1. Help people interested in installing “green” technologies (such as heat pumps, wall insulation, solar PV, or home batteries) in a new home or retrofit to find out more about them direct from owners – without a sales pitch
  2. Raise awareness of these green homes and technologies

The kinds of green technologies that we are including are:

  • Low carbon heating systems (eg. heat pumps)
  • Energy saving (eg. super insulation)
  • Energy generation (eg. solar PV)
  • Energy storage (eg. a home battery)
  • Low carbon building methods (eg. PassivHaus)

We will ensure that each homeowner can indicate when during the event weekend they are willing to welcome visitors, and that each homeowner will know exactly who the visitors are before they arrive. Up to 4 visitors will be allowed per 45′ slot. More details are available at:

Perhaps you could share this email with anyone you know who has green technologies installed, and publish a note in your Parish News giving potential visitors advance notice of the dates and inviting green homeowners who may be interested in participating to contact us at:

With many thanks for your help in making this event a success, which should help residents to reduce both their energy bills and carbon footprint by understanding which green technologies will work for them.

Best wishes,

Jeremy Wyatt

Co-chair, Great Green Bedwyn