Parish Reports

Froxfield Community Speedwatch Group finally gets the green light!

After a long hiatus, the Froxfield Community speedwatch group is finally about of get off the ground!

Whilst Covid has caused so many frustrating problems for us all, Wiltshire Police have put the time off to good use and introduced new software, bought a shiny new speed camera van and recruited new staff. From 29th March, the 9 members of Froxfield Community Speedwatch Group will be out and about at 3 loctions in the village to begin recording the speeds of vehicles and the data is then uploaded onto the new Police software. Letters are sent out to persistent speeders and if ignored, further action can and will be taken by the new officers at Wiltshire Police including a visible presence of the speed camera van in the village.

If anyone has a spare hour once of twice a month and would like to join our speedwatch group, then please contact Sarah Whatley on for more information.