Froxfield has signed up to the community speedwatch programme and volunteers are being sought.  Could you spare an hour or two a month to help keep our village safe?

Training will be provided and you will be working in pairs or groups at designated sites throughout the village to log motorists doing in excess of 46mph.

A recent article in the national press about a CSW group in Staplehurst saw them log 133,000 motorists speeding through their village in JUST ONE WEEK, some of whom were doing 70mph in a 30mph zone!!

We are currently working hard with Wiltshire Council to get some road improvments for the A4 to try to cut down the speed of drivers.  Unfortunately we do not fit the criteria for a further reduction to 30mph but they have agreed to move and improve the 40mph signs and zones through the village and create road markings which will give the illusion of a narrower road which are are told encourages drivers to slow down.  Coupled with some Community Speedwatch sessions, we are hoping to see improvements in the coming months.

If you are interested in joing the scheme, then please contact Sarah Owens the Parish clerk at

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