Community weekend a huge success

Our recent community weekend was a great success.  Starting with the community market and events including morris dancing, pimms stall and bar on the village green.  On the evening of 7th September, there was a barn dance and curry supper (superbly cooked by Claire and Henry Morris) which was very well attended and great fun for all ages.

A beautiful sunny Sunday 8th dawned and shone through the stained glass windows of the church illuminating the stunning floral displays which were courtesy of the Head Gardner at Littlecote and Claire Wilson. Normandy Barcelo decorated the exterior with hedgerow finds of conifer, ivy and rosehips.

In the evening there was a musical concert with Phoenix Brass band and local residents playing some beautiful pieces.


Footpath to The Pelican cleared

Our very obliging steward, Will, who visits Froxfield one day per month, has very kindly hired a special machine and cleared the footpath from The Lodge towards The Pelican.  It was very overgrown and narrow making it quite a hazard with the traffic rushing past so close.  He’s done a great job.

Froxfield is entering the Best Kept Village Competition

We’re taking the plunge and entering this free competition for the first time and we hope as many of you as possible will help to ‘do your bit’ be it picking up any stray litter, adopting one of the new planters or helping to do a bit of weeding or tidying.

The competition is being run by Wiltshire County Council and there are a few small cash prizes, but at the end of the day, it’s all about us taking some pride in our little corner of Wiltshire!

Community speedwatch & road improvements

Froxfield has signed up to the community speedwatch programme and volunteers are being sought.  Could you spare an hour or two a month to help keep our village safe?

Training will be provided and you will be working in pairs or groups at designated sites throughout the village to log motorists doing in excess of 46mph.

A recent article in the national press about a CSW group in Staplehurst saw them log 133,000 motorists speeding through their village in JUST ONE WEEK, some of whom were doing 70mph in a 30mph zone!!

We are currently working hard with Wiltshire Council to get some road improvments for the A4 to try to cut down the speed of drivers.  Unfortunately we do not fit the criteria for a further reduction to 30mph but they have agreed to move and improve the 40mph signs and zones through the village and create road markings which will give the illusion of a narrower road which are are told encourages drivers to slow down.  Coupled with some Community Speedwatch sessions, we are hoping to see improvements in the coming months.

If you are interested in joing the scheme, then please contact Sarah Owens the Parish clerk at

Water Meadow

Work has started on restoring the water meadow and creating a new community space and nature reserve.

We were able to secure the help of the Community Payback team who strimmed alot of the weeds, nettles and brambles in November and December 2018.  Once this was done, it enabled the tree surgeons access to assess the trees.

Some of the more urgent work to the trees, some of which were quite diseased and others very overgrown was completed in January 2019.

Action for the River Kennet (ARK) brought their volunteers and a few residents from the village helped with restoring the banks of the stream on 3 Saturdays in January/February 2019.  This was done to improve the flow of the stream, which in turn cleans the silt and improves the quality of the water allowing invertebrates to establish and spawn.  Wooden stakes were driven into the river bed to allow bundles of hazel branches known as faggotts to be placed in between them  along the banks.  These were then infilled with branches which channels the water creating a better and more sinuous flow.

The next step on Saturday 30th March 2019 is the exciting bit…………….. the planting of the marginal species such as sedge and flag iris which will soon take hold and cover the faggotts.  This will create a lush bank of flowers to attract insects, bees, butterflies and other pollinators.  There has already been sightings of a kingfisher, egrets and yellow wagtails.

As the year progresses, there will be more work including the creation of a dipping pond for children with a boardwalk and platform plus screening along the roadside with hedging.  It might look a bit barren now, but hopefully this time next year, it will be a place to wander through and admire.

Work on getting the stakes and faggotts in place

Faggotts going in


An example of how the stream will look once planted up

ARK Froxfield Design Statement



Welcome to our new website

Welcome to our brand new Froxfield Community website!

It’s a bit sparse at the moment, but please keep checking back for new dates and events throughout the year.  If you have anything you would like to see on here or have any photos, news or events to announce, then please do get in contact –